THE Album

This disc is the distillation of four years on the road, performing in concert halls, swimming pools and forests. Four years honing our music, sculpting each piece to reveal its distinct shape and color, its distinct story.

Listen as elephants invade Scotland… polyphonic Furies attack Spanish lumberjacks… Cat Stevens goes schizophrenic… water percussions soak Purcell’s shoes.

For four voices, vibraphone, marimba, flute, electronic accordion, double bass, bass, percussions and chain saw.



NazzazzaN unites the ancestral practice of polyphonic singing with that of contemporary improvisation. Traditional songs combine with original creations.

NazzazzaN questions the millennial passage of time extending over vast territories where borders no longer exist.
NazzazzaN questions the measured passage of time that each individual experiences between birth and death.

NazzazzaN sings of the vast human fabric and of singular destinies.


Bernard Ascal, Collection Director at EPM
EPM/Socadisc 987039

  1. Ah Ya zain NazzazzaN
  2. Music for a While NazzazzaN
  3. Shaleketh NazzazzaN
  4. Vergin Tutto Amor, Sans doute une fuite, mère de bonté ! NazzazzaN
  5. Ma Var NazzazzaN
  6. Polo NazzazzaN
  7. Father and Son NazzazzaN
  8. La Première Personne NazzazzaN
  9. Mudagaté Saté NazzazzaN
  10. Horo Hara Bara NazzazzaN
  11. La Troisième Personne NazzazzaN